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    Both unemployed and employed are welcome to join us in our goal. To service a satisfied customer and at the same time build yourself a lucrative business. Please work through the following benefits:

    • Get FREE bottles of Perfume and Tester with each package you purchase from us (From 6 to 128 bottles);
    • Huge profit margin - beyond 100%;
    • Popular range of quality and affordable perfumes - over 600 to choose from;
    • Part-time and full-time opportunity - You decide which is the most suitable;
    • You start with as little as a R100.00;

    We also sell the pure oils for manucturers and the ready made perfumes for the distributors.

    Emeco perfumes contain generic Fragrances of all the world's well known brands. It also contains the finest ingredients and are manufactured from top quality essential oils which are imported from some of the world's leading perfume houses in Grasse, France and the rest of Europe. These essential oils which deliver fragrances that are essentially identical to those of the original frangrances. They smell the same os those of the original products and it lasts also as long as the products from these big fragrance houses.

    Why is the product so cheap? By us you don't get a fancy bottle for which you must pay, but we bring to your client a inexpensive bottle which hold a quality product i.e. quality for money.

    Is immitations legal? 

    Yes, our immitations is legal and of good quality. Several world courts ruled that perfumes can't be patented, so, that rules out the uncertainty about whether it is legal or not to manufacture, sell or buy these products. While our products are exactly or closely similar to existing brand names, we respect their names and therefore use our own simple and economical, but unique packaging. 

    We sell both Female and Male Fragrances

    Inspired By: Emeco

    Visit our Business Packages here.

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