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  • Products


    1. We are a wholesale company selling Perfume Pure Oil and ready-to-use Perfumes to customers and business owners;
    2. We support our Distributors to grow their business and provide help with selling tips and also provide them with FREE Perfumes and Sample Perfumes when they buy our Business Packages;
    3. We import our Pure Perfume Oil directly from Grasse France and Europe;
    4. We are importing the ingredients for our products directly from France and China and are therefore in a position to provide our products cheaper than our competitors;
    5. We are in the business of Perfume manufacturing for over twenty two (22) years, thus understanding the needs and wants of our clients;
    6. We provide you with over 700 products to choose from and are still adding more every month;
    7. Our products are 100% generic fragrances which compare well to the wellknown brand names worldwide which set us in the frontline of many of our competitors;
    8. We Guarantee the best Quality and the Cheapest Wholesale Prices to you!
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